The Gorilla Ammunition Corp.

Coney Island


Founded in 1979, The Gorilla Ammunition Corp (G.A.C.) is a not-for-profit organization arming developing countries farms and villages with the means to produce and harvest banana fields, allowing them the necessary substances to survive and protect themselves. The G.A.C. is the global leader in banana production and distribution to humanitarian causes around the world. 


In 2016 G.A.C. took a lucrative contract deal with Illusive Matter Global Innovation (IMGI), a covert Bio-Engineering Technology Company. The G.A.C. began producing bananas for I.M.G.I’.s Bio-Weaponry Program. The program was designed to arm and protect the planet’s rainforests and its inhabitants. 


I.M.G.I. discovered its nemesis, the United States Engineering & Research (U.S.E.R.) laboratories had created a clone of its Ammunition Genome Technology that it was testing on primates. U.S.E.R. had been using a secluded island in Liberia as a black site to conduct these inhumane tests on primates. The island just outside of Monrovia, has infamously become known as, Monkey Island.


In 2020 The G.A.C.and IMGI established the Alpha Group, an elite group of special forces soldiers to dismantle the U.S.E.R. laboratories. The Alpha Group hacked into the security system, freeing the primates, who took retribution killing the scientists and lab technicians. During their raid, Alpha Group took back the Top Secret Banana Clip weaponry along with all of its IP & Technology. After securing the Banana Clips, Alpha Group released the airborne virus #FYL.143 inside the laboratory through the ventilation system killing off the staff that survived the primates’ vengeance. 


Today The G.A.C. utilizes the Banana Clip technology to arm Guerrilleros and Revolutionists around the world


Mike See 

Cobbler of Dopeness


Mayor of Coney Island