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Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Mike See is a self-taught, visual artist who aims to create a more cerebral, euphoric state through his work. Before moving to New York, See was a fashion student in Miami, Florida. Yearning for more creative stimulation, he left school to move to Brooklyn, New York, where he began his art career. Since then, life has taken a few unexpected turns. In 2011, Mike was in a near fatal bicycle accident so severe that doctors didn't expect him to survive through the night.  Refusing to give up on his passion, Mike has continued to push through the boundaries of his creative comfort zone, in an effort to constantly improve his craft. Mike's work includes neon bending, woodwork, painting, collage, sculpture, photography and video animation. His most recent show, "Queen of the Beasts", took place at the World of McIntosh Townhouse, in Manhattan. The immersive experience included hand cut woodwork, koto harp and shakuhachi flute players and a cherry blossom zen garden with 10,000 cherry blossom petals. Just prior to the Coronavirus epidemic, See was working with the Aman Resort group to develop an "artist in workshop" program as well as the "Aman Key of Tranquility". 


During the shutdown Mike was fortunate enough to cross paths with the former Director of Prototype Development for McFarlane Toys, Michael Gulen. Over the course of the summer they began developing See’s Panda Ghost characters as well as his infamous Banana Clips. Together they are creating a boutique toy company that focuses on exclusive releases that intertwine Art, Fashion and Music industries.  


In 2020 See also co-founded The Soapbox Presents (a literal and figurative platform for black and brown expression) with his creative partner, Marija Abney. With this platform they curated a collective of artists who then performed in the streets of NYC’s black and brown communities hardest hit by the pandemic and shutdown. They also curated numerous virtual cultural events for CUNY as well an outdoor event with Pioneer Works.





Instagram: @mikeseeart

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