Gorilla Ammunition Corp

Collaboration with Nems

Series of 16


Banana Clip 7" Resin Figurine 

Laser-Etched Tactical Gloves

Embroidered Coaches Jacket 

Sticker Pack

Yellow Tape Cassette- produced by Buda and Grandz 

Banana Crate 


Artist Mike See teams up with Coney Island Legend, Nems to release an extremely rare Banana Clip capsule release of 16. Back in the summer of 2016, See and Nems collaborated on a Banana Clip snapback for Nems's clothing line, FYL, inspired by See's original Banana Clip sketch from 2008. Mike felt it was only right to team up once again with Nems to release a rare edition of his 7" .45 ACP and AK-47 Banana Clip figurines.   


Inside each of the 16 hand made wooden banana/ammunition crates rests one Banana, FYL x Mike See gear and The Yellow Tape an exclusive mixtape produced by Buda and Grandz.

Only 16 will ever be made available to the public!

Hand painted 

Signed and Numbered



.45 ACP - Silverback Sharpshooters 

-7" .45 ACP Banana Clip resin figurine

-Sharpshooter fingerless tactical gloves

-Silverback Sharpshooters Club jacket

Yellow Tape cassette tape ​

Release Date: 12.21.2020


Banana Clip .45 ACP Capsule x Nems

Excluding Sales Tax